One of the core beliefs of 1st Global is that thought leadership is critical to CPA firm growth and success. The firms that affiliate with 1st Global rely upon the progressive ongoing education that is derived from the primary research we perform on the accounting and financial services industries. The following articles have been published in leading accounting and investment journals. We encourage you to weigh in on the articles and interviews posted here. We want to hear your voice!

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These Factors Can Increase the Value of Your Firm

By: Bill Snyder
Practice Consultant, BMS

Dec 15, 2014

Do you know what your wealth management firm is really worth? Believe it or not, many owners of financial advisory practices don’t know what their firm is really worth and, in fact, many believe it is worth more than it actually is.  (more)

Improving Efficiency through CRM

By: Katie Howe
Communications Specialist

Dec 9, 2014

No matter the size of your firm, time is of the essence. Between processing paperwork and meeting with clients, some days there just isn’t enough of it. Improving efficiency can help your firm create more time for these tasks.  (more)

Essential Steps to Preparing for a Client Meeting

By: Elier Peraza
Supervising Director, Practice Consulting

Nov 6, 2014

Client meetings are at the core of creating and building these key relationships. It’s important to meticulously prepare for each client meeting to ensure it is successful and accomplishes your goals.  (more)

Technology Integration and Serving Digital Natives

By: Ryan George
Director of Communications

Oct 27, 2014

At a recent 1st Global event, I sat down with Spenser Segal, founder and CEO of ActiFi, to discuss key trends that will shape how the financial services industry embraces and efficiently utilizes technology. One of the biggest trends that Segal sees is higher standards being set in terms of integration.  (more)

Video: Risk-Return Analysis with Harry M. Markowitz, Ph.D.

By: 1st Global

Oct 15, 2014

Leading up to the release of the first volume of Risk-Return Analysis: The Theory and Practice of Rational Investing, 1st Global Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Tony Batman visited Dr. Markowitz’s offices to discuss the book, his research and how his theories have been able to stand up to the test of time.  (more)

5 Culture Killers: How to Spot Them and How to Stop Them

By: Kristina Manser
Marketing and Brand Consultant

Oct 13, 2014

Each individual within your firm has a role to play and though many may champion your firm culture, there may be a culture killer lurking who discourages the team and its collective goals. Identifying the signs of a culture killer and solving the problem behind the behavior can help you cultivate a team of culture champions.  (more)

Video: Dr. Laffer on Stocks, November Elections and the Economy

By: Dr. Arthur B. Laffer
Founder and Chairman, Laffer Associates

Aug 14, 2014

During a recent visit to 1st Global’s offices in Dallas, Dr. Arthur B. Laffer sat down with Ryan George, Director of Communications, for an exclusive interview to discuss how he measures the strength of the U.S. economy and his optimism for the upcoming elections in November. Dr. Laffer also shares his thoughts on the stock market and income inequality in America.  (more)

The Importance of Being the Sole Advisor

By: Art Husami, EA, CFP®, CIMA®
Husami and Associates

Jan 9, 2014

In a perfect world, our clients would choose one advisor to manage all their financial matters. But it’s a fact of life that many clients spread their money around and work with multiple advisors. According to Aite Group, only one of every three clients turns over all of their assets to a single wealth manager.  (more)

Beating the Irrational Fears of Investing by Building Trust

By: Alan Zabloudil and Rion Walker
Equity Traders

Jan 9, 2014

There’s an irrational fear of investing that has been building momentum across our country since 2008. A recent study from Nationwide¹ found consumers fear investing even more than death, with other fears such as healthcare coverage, unemployment and the lack of economic stability following in close pursuit.  (more)

Why You Need to Segment Your Clients

By: Nate Biddick
Manager of Practice Consulting Group

Jan 9, 2014

Every business in the world runs into the same problem: limited resources. The choices businesses make in applying those resources are paramount to determining the level of success you can reach in your business.  (more)

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