One of the core beliefs of 1st Global is that thought leadership is critical to CPA firm growth and success. The firms that affiliate with 1st Global rely upon the progressive ongoing education that is derived from the primary research we perform on the accounting and financial services industries. The following articles have been published in leading accounting and investment journals. We encourage you to weigh in on the articles and interviews posted here. We want to hear your voice!

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Tax Season by the Numbers

By: 1st Global

Jun 4, 2015

The home office team at 1st Global supports our CPA financial advisors in so many ways during the busy Tax Season that it’s hard to quantify. Here’s a glimpse of home office successes in support of our affiliated firms during the 2015 Tax Season.  (more)

The Two C’s of Branding: Connection and Consistency

By: Justin Liggitt
Director of Brand Consulting

Jun 4, 2015

Connection and consistency are critical in branding. Let's explore the best practices of how professional services firms use the concepts of connection and consistency to adopt more effective logo design.  (more)

Making Benchmarks More Personal

By: Wendy Matheny, CIMA®, MBA
IMS Regional Director

Jun 4, 2015

Goals are the milestones that navigate us through our personal, professional and financial lives. Goals motivate us to focus on progression, the future and keep us on track when unexpected events and opportunities inevitably arise.  (more)

Are Your Clients and Prospects Connected with Your Firm’s Purpose?

By: Justin Liggitt
Director of Brand Consulting

Apr 7, 2015

Firms that are able to meaningfully and concisely vocalize their “why,” develop a deeper purpose for why they exist. Ultimately, these firms are able to leverage their reputation as a service brand to deliver an experience that translates into a unique client relationship.  (more)

5 Questions Clients May Have About Alternative Investments

By: Victor Soto, CFA, FRM, CAIA
Portfolio Manager, Investment Management Research Group

Mar 9, 2015

Here are some common questions investors may have when considering liquid or less-liquid alternative investments.  (more)

What Type of Assistant is Right for Your Firm?

By: Betsy Abney
Director, Wealth Management Assistant Education

Feb 19, 2015

The right wealth management assistant can often hold the key to success for a wealth management firm. Finding the right assistant to play this role at your firm doesn’t have to be a daunting task. By identifying the skills and qualities your firm is looking for early on, you can pinpoint the perfect fit for your firm, creating a better experience for both you and the assistant.  (more)

Financial Planning: A Philosophy for Living

By: Tony Batman
Chairman and CEO

Feb 16, 2015

Personal financial planning is many important things. Recently, my wife Vicki and I sat down to discuss the powerful role financial planning plays in our lives and how it truly is a philosophy for living.  (more)

Does Your Firm’s Value Suffer from These Discount Factors?

By: Bill Snyder
Practice Consultant, BMS

Dec 29, 2014

While premium factors can increase the overall value of an advisory firm, characteristics that may impact future growth can cut its value significantly. Called discount factors, these are business conditions, such as a top-heavy client base or lack of diversified services, that make the business less attractive to a potential buyer.  (more)

Are Your Clients Really Satisfied?

By: Katie Howe
Communications Specialist

Dec 18, 2014

Whether you are a Fortune 100 company or a small business, satisfying your clients is a fundamental element to your survival and oftentimes the most important ingredient for growth.  (more)

These Factors Can Increase the Value of Your Firm

By: Bill Snyder
Practice Consultant, BMS

Dec 15, 2014

Do you know what your wealth management firm is really worth? Believe it or not, many owners of financial advisory practices don’t know what their firm is really worth and, in fact, many believe it is worth more than it actually is.  (more)

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