One of the core beliefs of 1st Global is that thought leadership is critical to CPA firm growth and success. The firms that affiliate with 1st Global rely upon the progressive ongoing education that is derived from the primary research we perform on the accounting and financial services industries. The following articles have been published in leading accounting and investment journals. We encourage you to weigh in on the articles and interviews posted here. We want to hear your voice!

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Is the End Near for Long-term Care Insurance?

By: Jason Allen, CFP® , CLU®, CLTC, CAS®
Annuity and Insurance Planning Consultant, 1st Global

Jul 2, 2013

Add together prolonged low interest rates to advances in both health care and life expectancy, sprinkle in spiraling costs of healthcare and you have a recipe for major change in the long-term care (LTC) insurance industry.  (more)

Wealth Advisors Embracing Their Independence

By: Tony Batman
Chairman and CEO, 1st Global

Jun 7, 2013

With financial markets riding high and tax season behind us, many CPA firms that sat on the sidelines are now re-engaged and looking for new ways to boost their bottom lines and explore the growth component our industry: wealth management.  (more)

The Benefits of Hosting a Client Seminar

By: Terry Jannsen
Shareholder, CPA, CFP®, Jannsen + Company

Jun 3, 2013

Do you value your clients? Are you doing everything you possibly can on their behalf? Do they view your firm as a leader in the community? If you’re not answering yes to all of these questions, then it’s time to start thinking about hosting a client seminar.  (more)

Does It Pay to Diversify?

By: Chris Shipman
1st Global Investment Management Solutions Analyst II

May 31, 2013

Many of the recent financial market disasters and massive loss of wealth point directly to investors believing that the future was more certain than it turned out to be.  (more)

Meeting the Needs of Women Clients

By: Cindy Scott
Manager, Wealth Management Academy

Apr 29, 2013

The professional financial advisory industry has catered to only one gender for too long. Soon, financial advisors who aren’t prepared to build relationships with women clients will find themselves missing out on a $22 trillion opportunity.  (more)

Finding Financial Planning Wisdom in Hollywood's Great Movies

By: Jeffrey L. Watson, CPA/CFP®
Principal, WealthCare Financial Group LLC

Apr 29, 2013

“Art imitates life.” – this familiar adage rings true, I believe, especially in cinema. Some of Hollywood’s great movies hold vital lessons for us about our “why.” The larger-than-life characters on the big screen can lead us to realize who we each are deep down, why we care; what stirs our passions.  (more)

The Myth of "I Can't"

By: Nate Biddick
Manager, Practice Consulting Group

Apr 29, 2013

What you believe is the most important thing about you. To accomplish something you never accomplished before, you need to challenge those beliefs.  (more)

The Behavioral Effect on Investor Returns

By: 1st Global

Apr 19, 2013

While markets have tended to well over the long term, many equity and fixed income investors have underperformed. Why? The underperformance is often due to poor investor behavior, such as buying at market peaks and selling at market lows.  (more)

Eight Major Risks to Your Clients’ Retirement

By: Tony Batman
Chairman and CEO, 1st Global

Apr 17, 2013

Everyone wants a safe, stable and certain flow of income to sustain their ideal retirement. But if you were to ask five different relatives and friends what retirement means to them, you would likely receive five different answers. As such, there cannot be a one-size-fits-all solution for how to create a sustainable income plan for retirement.  (more)

Strategies for Utilizing Permanent Life Insurance in Qualified Plans

By: Tim Mezhlumov, CFP®, CLU®, CFS, EA
Director, Advanced Markets, 1st Global

Apr 12, 2013

One of the advantages offered by qualified retirement plans is the ability to acquire life insurance on plan participants using existing plan assets and future contributions to pay the premiums.  (more)

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