One of the core beliefs of 1st Global is that thought leadership is critical to CPA firm growth and success. The firms that affiliate with 1st Global rely upon the progressive ongoing education that is derived from the primary research we perform on the accounting and financial services industries. The following articles have been published in leading accounting and investment journals. We encourage you to weigh in on the articles and interviews posted here. We want to hear your voice!

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A Case for Continued Optimism in 2015

By: Katie Howe
Communications Specialist

Aug 27, 2015

2014 may have been a year of global political unrest, a terrible economy and Ebola, but Marci Rossell is optimistic that 2015 is the year that everything is turning around. 1st Global sat down with the former CNBC Chief Economist at National Conference 2014 to discuss why 2015 shouldn’t be feared.  (more)

Video: Greg Anton on the Value of a CPA

By: 1st Global

Aug 27, 2015

The value of the CPA is written in the name — Certified Public Accountant. As a profession, CPAs look out for what’s in the best interest of the public.  (more)

Supremely Super: Why America’s Economy Stands Tall

By: Natalie Merrill
Senior Marketing Communications Writer

Aug 27, 2015

There are multiple factors that determine how successful a nation is, including the location and the individuals who reside in and become functional components of that country.  (more)

Schwartz: The Way We’re Working Isn’t Working

By: Ryan George
Director of Communications

Aug 27, 2015

Tony Schwartz is the CEO and founder of The Energy Project, which helps companies fuel sustainable high performance by better meeting the needs of their employees. He recently taught 1st Global advisors some ways to inject much energy into their daily routines at the 2015 Eagles Executive Forum in Charleston, South Carolina.  (more)

Why Technology Will Not Replace True Financial Planners

By: Tony Batman
Chairman and CEO

Aug 27, 2015

As society continues to become more and more innovative, the threat of technological advances often feels detrimental to the roles of various individuals in the workforce. However, as financial planners, you can be assured that your role is not only beneficial for your clients but also extremely imperative.  (more)

Hacked! What to Do When You Fall Victim to an Email Breach

By: Greg Wilson
Head of Information Security, 1st Global

Jul 30, 2015

It seems as if every day there’s another headline regarding a breach in email security, personal information leaking or a successful hacking. Unfortunately, these actions do not discriminate. They have targeted some of the largest, most reputable companies and been successful.  (more)

Why All Generations Should Practice Wise Financial Planning

By: Natalie Merrill
Senior Marketing Communications Writer, 1st Global

Jul 30, 2015

With each new generation comes an even stronger need for family members to understand the importance of legacy—a discussion many of them have likely not had. This establishes a growing necessity for financial professionals who can be trusted to guide these individuals in making wise decisions when it comes to how they invest their money and what they will be leaving behind.  (more)

Top 9 Reasons to Send Your Young CPAs to E.D.G.E. 2015


Jul 30, 2015

Why should you send your young CPAs to the E.D.G.E. Conference? Here are our top 9 reasons.  (more)

How Client Feedback Makes Us Better

By: 1st Global

Jul 30, 2015

Without feedback, it’s impossible to improve and understand the needs of our clients and partners. At 1st Global, we solicit feedback twice a year through our proprietary survey, appropriately named the “Voice of the Advisor.”  (more)

HeimLantz Financial Advisors: An Overnight Success More Than a Decade in the Making

By: Jack Fehr

Jul 30, 2015

Kathie Sulick, CPA, PFS, accompanied a group from HeimLantz Financial Advisors to the stage on the concluding night of the 2014 1st Global National Conference to accept a Three Diamond Eagle Award. Little did Sulick, a partner of the firm, know that she would return to the same stage for another round of recognition.  (more)

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