One of the core beliefs of 1st Global is that thought leadership is critical to CPA firm growth and success. The firms that affiliate with 1st Global rely upon the progressive ongoing education that is derived from the primary research we perform on the accounting and financial services industries. The following articles have been published in leading accounting and investment journals. We encourage you to weigh in on the articles and interviews posted here. We want to hear your voice!

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Preparing for the Future of the CPA Profession

By: Natalie Merrill
Senior Marketing Communications Writer

Apr 4, 2016

As an advocate for small firms and representative for CPAs, Carl Peterson brings insight regarding how the AICPA is working to make improvements for the CPA profession as a whole.  (more)

Beware of Tax Season Scams

By: Shawn Baxter
Manager, Centralized Compliance Controls

Mar 28, 2016

With all of the available technologies at hand today, scammers aren’t limiting themselves to computer hacking methods to steal individuals’ identities — they are now using tactics via phone and email to threaten taxpayers into providing personal and financial information.  (more)

Downhill Slide for Oil Impacts Financials and Regional Economy

By: Rick Spencer, CFA
Fixed Income Trader

Mar 25, 2016

The decline in energy prices over the last two years have benefited American consumers, but the spillover effects have negatively impacted many businesses and government entities.  (more)

Applying Extreme Practices Leads to Extreme Winning

By: Natalie Merrill
Senior Marketing Communications Writer

Mar 24, 2016

Individuals involved in professional sports know what it takes to win and what it feels like to lose. But you don’t have to be an athlete to apply practical winning strategies to your life and your career.  (more)

CPA Firms of All Sizes Are Struggling with This Challenge

By: Jordan Andreola
Director, Business Development

Mar 21, 2016

Small partnerships and large multi-partner CPA firms may have more in common than you think. According to a recent survey conducted by the AICPA Private Company Practice Section (PCPS), four distinct segments of public accounting firms have identified the same issue as their number one business concern: finding qualified staff.  (more)

Practice Makes Permanent

By: Natalie Merrill
Senior Marketing Communications Writer

Mar 16, 2016

Many situations in life, particularly those involving financial decisions, require an individual to be able to make decisions that could have significant lasting impacts. While decisions are frequently made instinctively on an emotional basis, there’s a more effective means by which to make the many choices you do.  (more)

8 Signs Your Computer Has Been Hacked

By: Greg Wilson
Head of Information Security

Feb 16, 2016

While the latest advancements in technology have made life more convenient for a vast majority of individuals in our society, they’ve also led to the increase of the abilities of hackers to compromise others’ computers, creating not only nuisances but also burdensome incidents of financial and identity thefts.  (more)

Creating a Consistent, Exceptional Client Experience

By: Nate Biddick
AVP, Consulting

Jan 8, 2016

When a CPA firm incorporates wealth management into its business, there are many changes that will be necessary in order for the firm to successfully function and provide the highest quality service experience to its clients. However, there is one thing that should remain constant — putting clients first in the client experience.  (more)

What It Takes to Be Business Brilliant

By: Natalie Merrill
Senior Marketing Communications Writer

Jan 5, 2016

While many people believe they must be talented at everything they attempt in life in order to be truly successful, research has proven that this is not a reality.  (more)

Fight Back Uncertainty with Your First Principles

By: Tony Batman
Chairman and CEO

Dec 16, 2015

The future is uncertain. While that is a reality all business owners, wealth managers and financial planners live with, creating processes, skills and capabilities to manage uncertainty and the ensuing anxiety is often what separates the great sustainable wealth enterprises from the marginal ones. During periods of severe market turbulence, it’s very important to remain steadfastly loyal to your principle beliefs.  (more)

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