A Case for Continued Optimism in 2015

Katie Howe

Communications Specialist

Aug 27, 2015

2014 may have been a year of global political unrest, a terrible economy and Ebola, but Marci Rossell is optimistic that 2015 is the year that everything is turning around. 1st Global sat down with the former CNBC Chief Economist at National Conference 2014 to discuss why 2015 shouldn’t be feared.

“People have a tendency to grab onto the negative message,” Rossell said. “Whether we realize it or not, it’s negative news that captures our attention. It isn’t positive news. News doesn’t get anywhere by announcing that everything today is just like it was yesterday, and it’s all going to be fine.”

According to Rossell, the past six years have been colored by the financial crisis of 2008 and 2009, and it is time to leave those memories behind so that we can move forward as the economy has improved. She believes a renewed confidence in the economy has given clients a reason to no longer fear what they may find when opening their portfolio statements. Markets have been performing better, and portfolios are starting to look normal again.

Rossell explained how labor markets are stabilizing and the unemployment rate is decreasing. As she explained, toward the end of 2014, unemployment was less than 6 percent — the lowest since the financial crisis — and it continues to decrease every year, forecasting to drop to around 5 percent this year. This indicates that jobs are being created, and people are going back to work, which is great for the American economy.

Rossell stated that in addition to markets stabilizing, monetary policy is normalizing, and interest rates could be raised in the next six months. The Federal Reserve has telegraphed this information in a way that hasn’t caused volatility; instead, it has made monetary policy a source of stability.

And if these reasons aren’t enough to keep your head up, Rossell believes that the falling energy prices are here to stay. These lower prices have put money back into the pockets of the American consumer and, in essence, given a raise to the average worker. With more money to put into the economy and less in the gas tank, we will continue to see the American economy strengthen.

2015 is shaping out to being a great year. Let’s remain optimistic as we finish off the second half!

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Katie Howe is a communications specialist at 1st Global. In this role, she works to connect financial advisors and wealth management assistants with information that will aid them in building thriving and efficient enterprises.

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