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Wealth Management Feasibility Analysis & Consultation

The 1st Global Consultative Approach

Partners and shareholders of CPA firms are very concerned about how to generate sustainable and profitable growth. The double-digit growth seen during the Golden Age of the CPA profession is a distant memory for most firms. For the past several years, the national aggregate growth of the CPA profession has averaged only a meager 2 percent annually.

By all measures, the CPA profession is a mature industry, not a growth industry. Mature industries are characterized by slow growth, fierce price competition, diminishing client loyalty, easy price comparison by existing and prospective clients, rapid commoditization and decline of perceived value. On top of that, mature industries have fewer participants due to aggressive mergers and acquisitions among the large institutions.

If your firm is assessing how to create sustainable growth 1st Global Consulting will show you the way.

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If your firm is committed to being a high performance market dominator, we want to learn more about you and determine if there is a fit with our services. As a leading CPA firm growth consultant, we enable qualified firms to create long-term, profitable growth.