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Why do you do what you do? The power of your answer is the catalyst that enables and empowers your firm to achieve sustainable growth.

As business leaders, every once in a while, we come across something that makes us stand up and take notice. That happened to me recently when I read Simon Sinek’s bestselling book “Start with Why.” Sinek brilliantly illustrates an energizing philosophy for leadership and decision making that renews the focus and creates momentum for organizations. I would like to share 1st Global’s “why.” Perhaps it is similar to your firm’s “why.”

1st Global was founded in 1992 by CPAs who believe in personal responsibility and doing the
right thing.

  • Take Personal Responsibility for One’s Life: We must be accountable for our actions and intentionally take total responsibility for all of our decisions, the choices we make, the beliefs we carry and what motivates us to live our lives with dignity and humility. We must extend this notion of personal responsibility to our clients by providing them with the knowledge and capability to also be intentional with their actions.
  • Honor Promises Made to the Ones We Love: Financial planning is a path to happiness because it allows us to make and honor life’s important promises and obligations. These include our duties as a husband or wife, a father or mother, a brother or sister, and a steward of financial stability for our clients.
  • Have the Courage to Never Play the Coward’s Role: We must commit ourselves to always doing the right thing for ourselves and our clients, even if this means refusing what could be a lucrative opportunity. In addition, we must always boldly advocate for what is most important to us and our clients.
  • Advocate for the Nobility of Business, Work and Free Enterprise: The essence of our liberty and economic freedom is grounded in the opportunities we pursue through our vocation. Irish author Rebecca West eloquently states, “Life ought to be a struggle of desire toward adventures whose nobility will fertilize the soul.” Creating and building business provides opportunities for us and others to pursue those adventures.
  • Show Compassion and Benevolence to Those Needing Assistance: The essence of wisdom and humanity is grounded in our dedication to others in our society. Often people can become destitute through misfortunes beyond their control, such as natural disasters, birth defects or mental limitations. Charitable giving is a great source of happiness and we must be financially benevolent to those that are truly suffering from extraordinary circumstances.

These five principles guide our philosophy and are the foundation for our belief that accounting and tax professionals are uniquely qualified to deliver this value to their clients through comprehensive wealth management services. Our business is to help CPA firms honor the important promises they have made to their clients by adopting and implementing essential wealth management capabilities. We do this by providing them with world-class research, accounting firm-centered advice, exceptional business development education and innovative technology. Using these tools, CPA firms can profitably and ethically serve their clients better.

If your firm wants to be intentional about serving clients while creating sustainable growth we would like to set up a 30-minute exploratory qualification call to determine if there is a fit with 1st Global. Please contact us at (800) 959-8461 or email at LearnMore@1stGlobal.com.

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